Our Partners
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Engaging People. Embracing Christ.
We all have a calling; We all have a voice.

Resonate Global Mission is focused on equipping the Christian Reformed Church for that calling—for living and sharing the good news, so that it goes out in every direction like an expanding, amplifying sound.

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Multiply Disciples & Multiply Churches

See what God Can Multiply Through You

What is the Multiply 222 Network?

The Multiply 222 Network is a group of ministries that are united in helping people Know Jesus, Make Him Known, and Live a Jesus Life.

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Go & Tell Ministries
Making disciples who make disciples

Our mission is advancing the Gospel through strategic evangelism and discipleship tools.

Go and Tell Ministries was born out of a critical need for effective evangelism and discipleship tools. We fill this need by empowering every Christian with fundamental steps for intentional ministry.